September 14, 2012

Anti-US Protests and Other Items Sure to Cause Sleepless Nights in the White House

Protests against the U.S. (sparked by the [stupid] film Innocence in Islam) are rapidly spreading across the world. "The Guardian," a UK-based news service, has established a tracking blog and has provided a link to a related and very interesting map. As usual, the Drudge Report is tracking (with its usual flavor of sensationalism) events being reported here in the U.S.: e.g. evacuation of North Dakota State U. and U. of Texas, threats at Valparaiso U., etc. 

Small, singular events (a protest against a movie, for example) can have a catalytic effect spurring protests in other locations and for other reasons - 'sympathetic detonations' in the social realm - much like the self-immolation of street vendor Mohamed Bouaziz in Tunisia sparked the 'Arab Spring.' 

The timing couldn't be worse for the Obama campaign, of course. He is now 3 points behind Romney in the latest Rasmussen poll, recently released employment numbers are terrible, and the Fed decided yesterday to implement a third round of 'stimulus' or 'quantitative easing' (known as QE3) which means the government will incur another $40 billion in debt every month for the foreseeable future above what it is already planning for the FY13 budget (another $1 trillion in deficit spending).

The road to Nov 6 should be interesting. Hold on to your hats!

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