September 18, 2012

On the Radio...

Had a very enjoyable time this morning as the on-air guest of Pat Campbell, host of Tulsa's only morning talk-radio show. Discussed the very dynamic and worrisome situation in the Middle East that has resulted in attacks on our Embassies in a number of countries and the deaths of four Americans in Libya. Here's the link

Short story, our current response to the attacks, deaths of our citizens and the long-term implications of the erosion of US influence in the region has been horrible. In a region that understands strength, we behave in polar-opposite fashion. The current Administration is rapidly destroying the reputation and influence of the US built over decades by a succession of Presidents from both parties. Yes, there was a lot of verbal abuse heaped on the US during the GW Bush years, but that happens when you're on top. Our interests globally weren't attacked. Not the case today.

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