August 25, 2012

2016: Obama's America - The Movie

I saw this movie today. Go see it. The (what I think to be) compelling argument presented by Dinesh D'Souza is quite disturbing. Whether you're a fan or a critic of the President I think the couple of hours spent at the theater is well worth the time. If you aren't already aware of the background for the movie, D'Souza advances the theory that Obama is driven primarily by an anti-colonialism paradigm, that his various executive decisions, the policies developed and implemented by his Administration, and his world-view and America's place in it are all explained by his view that the Third World--from which the Colonial Powers (old and new) extracted the wealth that enabled them to become Great Powers--should be compensated or avenged by reducing the power and influence of those Colonial Powers. 

Toward the end of the docu-movie, D'Souza also raises the question of how Obama came to win the Presidency. Frankly, I agree with his assessment. In short, he says it wasn't so much Obama's credentials for the office (which were effectively nonexistent) as it was the convergence of several contextual factors that resulted in him winning...with the primary factor being the race issue and the inherent desire of America to show that we (as a people and a country) had put racial matters behind us. 

D'Souza proposes that the world of 2016, following a second Obama term, would be more dangerous and more unstable both as a consequence of the reduction of America's ability to keep otherwise destabilizing trends in check and a lessened ability to respond to emerging crises.

Go see it.

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  1. The interesting thing about the movie is that so many people are paying to see a long illustrated op-ed. That says something about something though I won't guess what.

    The other interesting thing was about the audience at the matinee that I saw. It was 65% or more silver haired. Whether that says something about who goes to afternoon showings or who is interested in illustrated op-eds, again I don't know.