August 1, 2012

The Energy Revolution

Walter Russell Meade's series of essays on the evolving revolution in energy at his blog Via Meadia, hosted by The American Interest.
The Energy Revolution Part One: The Biggest Losers
Energy Revolution 2: A Post Post-American Post
Energy Revolution 3: The New American Century
The Energy Revolution 4: Hot Planet?

Comment: Technology has a way of upending assumptions. Straight-line projections of current conditions into the future do not account for reactions by those effected (who may act in ways that dramatically change conditions) or by the unknowable impact of technologies we might only be dabbling with at present. Horizontal drilling, 'fracking', discoveries of previously unknown reserves and the like have the potential to dramatically shift the balance of power and influence from the Middle East to North America. In turn, such as shift has the equally dramatic potential for effecting our economic situation to the good. The future could be very, very bright indeed...but we won't know until we get there. In the meantime, acting responsibly with what we have would be a very good idea.

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