August 2, 2012

Where China Isn't Winning

Where China Isn't Winning - David Lundquist
“American universities tower high above China when it comes to producing human capital, by far America’s greatest comparative advantage.
Consider two major news stories prominent in American discourse recently. First, China is rising. Second, American universities have had much abuse heaped upon them: declining standards, “neoliberal” corruption of academia and worries about universities exacerbating class divides.
Both of those stories might be overblown. An American only a few years separated from college life and now a lecturer at China’s top university, I suggest that when it comes to higher education, American institutions are leaving China’s in the dust.”

Comment: This story reflects a deeper issue that is a fundamental source of strength for America yet not appreciated in our society, i.e. the very nature of our system allows for and encourages the maximization of our “human capital.” The “liberal” nature of our culture (in the classic sense) encourages freedom of expression, innovation, creative thinking, and opportunity...the exact opposite of cultures that demand homogenization and primary emphasis on the “collective” vice individual.

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